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Jan 23, 2004
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The first home cinema audio setup I bought included a small 100W Polk sub base (can't remember the model number). At the time I was stunned by the effectiveness off the unit, seeming managing to pervade the whole house at only modest levels, producing an incredible presence even seeming to move the air in the room to the point of causing a draft up your trousers legs!

I've now been through a couple of sub base units over the last 10 years and am now on a couple of Rel Storms (for 4 years now). These where chosen due to there incredible clarity in music reproduction.

The thing is, I've never been able to reproduce the presence and draft generating ability of that original Polk unit inspite of much larger power output and seemingly better dynamic ability. Anyone know why?

The Polk had a solid base plate attacted to the cabinet which just laid directly onto the carpet without spikes. The rels ways a ton and stands on spikes.

The question is, was the use of a base plate in the Polk the reason for its better presence? I'm going to try dumping the spikes from the Rels and bolting them to a sturdy flat base of some kind (someone at work has suggested paving slabs!). But any other suggestions welcome...

It is quite common to use a very heavy slab like granite or marble under Storms and people have said that it does tighten up the sound
Not so much tightness (the storm's have got plenty of that already), more a case of a feeling of presence that I'm after, although a hefty base will no doubt only help.

Originally posted by JohnWH
Not so much tightness (the storm's have got plenty of that already), more a case of a feeling of presence that I'm after,

The REL Storms are very good subs but they are not the last word in slam. I have had a couple and whilst I enjoyed the sound that they made I had to upgrade to a much more powerful (but cheaper) SVS before I could truly feel sub bass as well as hear it.
Well I'm considering going back to a polk if the base plate doesn't help, don't want to but I think I spend more time watching movies than listening to music these days.


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