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Hi all! Just joined the forum, hope this all works!
I use rogers ls55's fronts
ls33 rears
and a rogers c33 centre. The issue is my sub. Currently a mission sub that came in a set, mission called the six pack.
The sub is ok but can get a bit boomy at higher volumes. obviously I cant get a rogers sub, but is there a sub that will match the sound of the rogers? Any advice welcome.
possible budget £300.

Ian J

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Originally posted by parkem50
is there a sub that will match the sound of the rogers? Any advice welcome.

You don't have to match the sound of a sub to the other speakers so it doesn't matter what make of sub you buy.

My advice would be to have a look at the website of BK Electronics at and have a look at the XLS 200 which they seem to be selling at £279.

You may not have heard of BK but they actually make the subs for many of the other well known names who just stick their badge on the front but as they sell directly to the public the prices are significantly better than buying via a dealer.

There is another thread about the bk subs running concurrently


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cheers Ian, following your suggestion I read up on the other posts on BK xls200 and decided to save myself 300 quid (compared to the B&W asw675).
Hopefully the BK sub will fit in with my other B&W speakers and denon 3803...


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I have a Velodyne CHT-10 in classifieds within your budget. I've run it with my B&Ws for the past year.

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