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Sub x-over!

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by activeservo, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. activeservo


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    I've just purchased the "Yamaha NS-P400 speaker package".My question is regarding sub x-over.I'll give you all the info that might help .Frequency response{+/-2db} of left,right and centre:65hz-20khz,surround speakers:70hz-20khz, and finally sub{-10db}=30hz-200hz.The sub has a high out dial ranging from 50hz-150hz.At the moment I've set it at around 80hz is this o.k?My receiver at the moment is an entry level receiver{soon getting a Yamaha RX-V630}which has no x-over settings or large/small speaker settings .The speakers are bookshelf and thats about it .I've had this afew days and I just seem to be messing around with the x-over settings, so if somebody can help as to where I should set the x-over so I can get back to watching films I would be very appreciative.One more question regarding placement of front left and right speakers.Would it be o.k if I set them about 30cms behind the centre and put a 1ms delay on the centre to compensate.?Would it effect front soundstage or imaging etc.Thanks in advance.:D

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