Sub Woofer suggestions?



Hi, looking to add a sub to the following:

Marantz SR4200
Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 Fronts
Mission M7C1 Centre
Mission M7DS Rears

Changing my car soon so only got about £150 to spend and have seen the following:

Wharfedale PowerCube 10 £137.85
Tannoy MSub10 £139.90
Yamaha YSTSW205 £128.95
Paradigm PDR10 (S/H) £90
KEF PSW1000 (S/H) £100

Oh and Richer Sounds recommend the new Eltax 105, but they always recommend Eltax don't they?

Would anyone recommend any of the above or anything else. Do not have a sub at present and would hopefully use it for about 18 months or so and then upgrade. Relatively new to this, please help.



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on that kinda of budget i would go for somethnig like a paradigm ps1000 (i think thats what its called) or have a look for something second hand.


If you know where to get one of those for £150 I'd like to know! Where's the best place to look for second hand stuff? Are there any retailers you know of that sell any?




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If you're just after something that rumbles during films particularly explosions then this sub is quite adequete at doing so .
however if you listen to a lot of music and should want to use it for music in stereo then I'd veer away from it. The bass just doesn't sound tight enough for music alone.

Although this might just be my amp sony str 930. Personally I'm hoping to change mine at some point in the future

hope this helps


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It´s worth keeping an eye on the Hardware/Classifieds Forum as subs pop up from time to time.:)


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in fact, check out this thread if you're thinking of a Kef Sub and you might be able to get first refusal before the Ebay vultures decend later.


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