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I have a Denon 3806 AV receiverand a Tanoy surround sound speaker system

I need to run the Auto Set up facility on the Reciver for Room EQ and Speaker set up as per the manual

I do not understand where to set the various controll knobs on the Sub Woofer
For Instance, how much volume do I set for the Receiver to make its test noises, Half way?

Do you turn the crossover LFE switch off?

Do you set the theatre control to max theatre?

Where does the LFE Control go max or min

Phase control which position is that set to for the set up?

Can somebody help please

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Simplest answer. Set sub volume to mid position (or reference if marked). Turn the sub crosover frequency to maximum. Set phase to zero. These are all the most common settings found on a sub. Feed the sub via coax from the sub out on the amp. Then run the amp through its auto setup procedure. This should set levels and crossover frequencies on the 3806 (you have to set crossover yourself on the 3805). The listen and adjust for your own taste. This is important because once the sub has set it considered ideals, you still have to make it listenable.

Also try reading instructions supplied (or off the web) and google for 'sub setup' or similar.

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