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I am hoping to get some answers for the terrible bass I am getting. I do not have much knowledge about amps and subwoofer but always wanted to set up some floor standing speakers and sub with 5.1. After doing some search I picked up 2 x MS908 front and rear 2x 903S along with B&W asw608 subwoofer. All used on eBay. Also got a new Denonx2600 amp.
Now I have tried to change some settings but struggling to get the right settings. The bass is not right. It seems I am changing my settings for all songs :( there is something not right and I don’t know what it is.

I must admit I can’t get my head around pass over cross over and all these terms.
the same songs on myyamaha Sound bar sound so synchronised but not on this expensive set up.
can some one tell me which settings I need to change and what should they be?

many thanks


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The first thing to doo after cpnnecting all the speakers and configuring the AV receiver's amp assignments is to configure the subs own settings on its rear. Note ythat your speakers should be connected to the terminals on tha AV receiver and not the terminals on the sub!

Ensure that the AV receiver's SUBWOOFER PRE OUT is connected to the subwoofers LOW LEVEL mono or LFE RCA input on the sub.

  • Set the volume.gain to about 10 o'clock
  • Set phase to °0
  • Set the frequency filter to it highest setting or a dedicated LFE option isf there is one

Now run the receiver's auto calibration using the supplied mic.

Turn MultXT ON, but leave the Dynamic EQ and Volume settings OFF. SEt the MultEQXT setting to the FLAT option as opposed to REFERENCE.

The calibration will have set DISTANCES and speaker LEVELS correctly.

Post calibration, set all speakers as being SMALL via the AV receiver's manual speaker configurations. Set the associatyed crossovers no lower than the setting the calibration setermined but no lower than 80Hz.

Set speaker mode to just LFE and not LFE + MAIN. LFE + MAIN gives rise to bass boom.

The LPF of LFE filter should always be left set to 120Hz. This is not a crossover and is a cutoff filter that only effects the discrete LFE channel if and when present.
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Thanks for wonderful advise. It has transformed my system. I can see the clarity it was lacking.
I have to make some small tweaks to make it sound right for me.
If I switch LFE + main off then sub goes off :(


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The LFE + MAIN option simply results in too much bass and can give rise to bass boom. Using the LFE option doesn't turn the sub off, it simply gives a more realistic representation of the encoded audio and will result in the exact same frequencies being represented by the sub as were being output if using the LFE + MAIN setting. The difference is that the passive speakers aren't also representing those frequencies at the same time if you set the subwoofer setting to just the LFE option.

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