Sub Support; Spikes? Chopping Boards? SuperSpikes? Etc.?


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I've just got my first Sub, a BK Double Gem, and I'm thinking how best to set it up.

The system in 100% stereo, exclusively used for music, and the sub is connected through the high level inputs, from my power amp. And I'm using the supplied spikes so far. I listen at low to medium volumes and the sub has integrated nicely with the main speakers, however it could do with being a tad more defined. It reminds me of when my main speakers were on spikes.

The room is in a Victorian semi, so a suspened floor, which is quite flexible (think builders are required to used more sturdy timbers these days). The room has thick underlay and a short pile carpet.

With the floorstanders I've been through spikes, granite chopping boards with spikes, with 2 pence pieces, blutac, etc. Once I finally got a demo of the ISO acoustic Gaia was sold, these are amazing. However I don't really want to spend that kind of money for the sub.

I still have the chopping boards and I have ordered a couple of squash balls to try next week. BK sell SuperSpikes however these seem to be suited for hard floors, I assume they could be used with chopping boards? Another option I'm considering is the ISO Acoustic Pucks, these are only slightly more than the Super Spikes but use the same technology as the Gaia, in a less classy "professional" housing.


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