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Just unpacked my set up and am now trying to get it working properly. I have the sub connected both at LFE and Hi Level. On the Hi Level I have to turn the volume down low to avoid it booming but then when I play some heavy bass notes such as the opening to Sting's Brand New Day I can't hear the bass. I am wondering if it is the room as we have tiled floors throughout so I wonder if I should put the sub on a rug to reduce the boom so I can turn it up? The room is very large about 4m x 12m so I didn't think I would get any boom but...

It's also in a corner so I guess I should try moving it a bit

Any other ideas?


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Does that sub have a Mode switch like the Rels?



no seperate slam/depth !


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Have you tried it with just the low level connection only?


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I think your problem is standing waves within the room.

I think also that as 12m divides evenly by 4m that some frequencies are being doubly reinforced and others are being doubly cancelled.
If you move round the room while playing the Sting CD I would guess that the bass will vary in loudness a lot.

Try moving the sub to a distance 1/3 of the way down one of the walls and see if that helps.

I'm a bit vague on the science so if I'm wrong can someone correct me.


Their web site is useful, but your best bet is to speak to them direct (or via email); they're VERY helpful in my experience

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