Sub Set-up expert Wanted ?

Steve N

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I think there is an art to getting a sub right.
And I have to admit, my head starts hurting when I try and sort it.
When I bought my beloved SVS a few years ago I made a similar plea, and up popped Knight in armour.
I'll spare his blushes, but thanks Mr S.

I thought it sounded pretty good to start with, but after Mr S had done his magic it was just wonderful.

Now I've had to re-arrange my room to accomodate my Plasma, and I've had to completely re-site my speakers and sub. I've also bought a new Amp with Audyssey set-up.
The result being - Chaos. Well not really but it's not right.

My gear is listed in my Signature.
If there is a Sub Supremo out there, especially one familiar with my sub and amp, and who is willing to make house calls :D . . . Please let me know.

I'm Peterborough and would obviously pay for time and travelling etc.
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Blimey, Peterborough. I wish I was a sub expert just so I could come and look at all your gear and cameras.

Now where'd that drooling emoticon go...

Steve N

Distinguished Member
Bump :)

Steve N

Distinguished Member
Can't ... hold... on...... much...... longer

pleeeeeeeeeeeease :D

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