sub&sats with high WAF !!!


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i need to keep it small for the WAF - i wanted those s85's but no joy :(
my room is only 14' square and it looks like a compromise......
small sats and a smallish sub are order of the day
amp is an A1SR so plenty of oomph!
the castle harlechs are still there up front, but i want to replace the ruark vitas....they're good but i wonder if i can better them by a distance?
really just for movies as i preout the front pair for music
on my shortlist are

castle compacts - to match the harlechs
b&w - mt20 or 30?
tannoy arenas
for 7.1 or do i just buy a belting centre and some good rears - m&k 55 tripoles or the like?

i wish i were more decisive... i think :)



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Try the Orb's from .

I recently purchaced 3x Mod2 for the front + 2 Mod1 for the rear.
Excellent sounding speakers for sats + build quality is superb.Excellent service too - they answer e-mails very quickly +from ordering them to my door took 7 days from the U.S.
I paid £472 for the speakers(black), £38 delivery + £50 customs.
£560 for cracking speakers that are on a par , if not better than the Gallo's, but half the price!!

I also bought BK XLS200-DF sub for £279 - excellent sub + great service.

All in I paid £839 for a belter of a system with incredibly high WAF

Hope this helps



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I bought almost exactly the same system! Same sub as well.
(6.1 though, so I have an extra one at the back).

I'd highly recommend them, and the service was second to none.

jon smith

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Im a big sub/sat fun as I don't like speakers to take over the room.

I own the Gallos and liked the Tannoy arenas when I heard them. However, one of the big wins from the sats is having the same speaker all round.

As you own Castle fronts though I would think about adding the compacts (the compact centre would get lost against the Harlechs though). I would consider adding a matching centre to the fronts (if there is one) and then add compacts at the rear or get some smallish bipole/dipoles and wall mount them.


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I can concur with Pebble over the sub. I recently got the same model in Oak. The WAF is definitely there (with the added bonus that it sounds great as well:thumbsup: )

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