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Can anyone help, I am setting up a suround 5.1 system in a large room 6 x 10m. I have to use small speakers but the size of the sub is not so important.
I have the following on the short list. Kef Eggs. JM Labs Sib Cub. Elac Cinema 2. Energy 5.1.
Are the Kef's and JM's worth twice as much as the others?
I will be using a HK 2550 or Yamaha Dsp ax630, will be trying this week but would like to make the speaker list shorter before the demo.
I only want 5.1, so should I go for the ax620 which is cheaper?
Any help will be appreciated, Thanks.


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If you decide on the Energy's, or are buying a seperate Sub, then you might be interested in the following:


This is the Sub that comes with the Take 5.2 system and is much improved over the Take 5.1 Sub.

I can't be off much help regarding your questions, suffice to say I choose the Energy's over the Kef Eggs after extensive auditioning. I have also heard the Elac Cinema One and was not impressed. The Cinema Two might be vastly improved though.



Thanks for replys,which I will bear in mine. Not much choice at our local dealer for a demo. Latest idea is the Acoustic Energy Aego P5, any thoughts? I can demo this and then look for the best price.


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Nice setup, but I think it will battle to fill your large room. Look for some good quality bookshef models like Kef or B&W and then add the best (biggest) sub you can afford.

Avoid the Yamaha 620, I recently sold mine 'cos it was a bit boring sounding and too warm for my tastes, esp. with music. I reckon the newer 630 is more exciting & has PLII which IMO is invaluable. :)


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Stay well away from the Aego P5. My room is 15'x25' and I spoke to AE directly and they said the Aego P5 would be under powered for my room. I have a Marantx 4200 which is 5 channel with DPLII and is a bargain at Richer Sounds at the moment. I paired it with Mission FS2-AV's and the setup is great. If your dealer doesn't have FS2's try FS1's.

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