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I have a Sonos ZP100 with these outouts.
I also have a ZP80 with these.

I have bought 8 Orb speakers and was hoping to run 4 of them with the ZP100 plus a sub in my kitchen/diner for music only. I have not bought a sub yet but needs to be down firing and acceptable to my wife.Ideally around £200 new or used (BK Gemini or XLS200 probably OK)

I understand that I could run 4 Orbs connected in parallel to the speaker terminals on the ZP100 plus a sub from the sub out, but the ZP100 crossover is 80 Hz and the Orbs suit a crossover of 120 Hz.

I have read that I could connect the High level Input on the sub to the speaker terminals on the ZP100, then drive the Orbs from the sub, adjusting the crossover on the sub to 120 Hz, but it seems that the subs I was considering have only 1 amplifier (to drive the sub), and so I've been advised to look for a subwoofer which accepts speaker connections from the ZP100 and provides the high pass function (filtering the bass at crossover 120 Hz) for the Orbs.

I guess I could also use the ZP80 instead and buy a suitable amp to do the job (again I'd be perfectly happy with used), and use one of the aforementioned subs.

I am way out of my knowledge ballpark now though (noob) and would appreciate any advice. On any of the above.....



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Your options are:

1) By better speakers that don't require a crossover as high as 120Hz

2) Use the ZP80 connected to an AV Amplifier that you can set the crossover to 120Hz on.

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