sub recc please


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See my kit below. The room is 14x12 feet with a hardwood suspended floor and neighbours right upstairs. Sub will go in the rear right hand corner. Not much soft furnishings in the room so that worries me.....
Mostly movies but some DVD-A and SACD.

Any reccs up to about £650 ish that will match my system / room?



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You won't get much better than a B&W ASW675 for £649 or less.
I had one in my flat and it is cabable of being controlled and refined, but can provide enough bass to fill the largest of rooms if cranked up.


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Does that need special attention given the room?

Ian J

There are many dealers that will let you demo equipment at home so perhaps you should take one up on the offer. I would also recommend the B&W as one that would be suitable for your needs.

There are things that one can do to help cut down on the transmission of noise downwards through the floor but upwards through the ceiling is more difficult.

I would certainly recommend placing the sub on a solid block of slate, granite or marble which can be cut to size so that it doesn't look bad.

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