Sub problems ?


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Hi there,

I've got a weird problem with my sub.I usually leave the sub on all the time,but every couple of days I have to turn it off and on again to get it working.After that it works fine for a while until I have to do the on/off thing again. It's like there's no signal coming through.If I play some music or a video and go over to the sub,I can hear it trying to work.It's like it's on low volume or something.Turn it off and on again and it's right as rain.

I've tried leaving it in auto mode,but then when it turns on,it comes in with a massive boom and frightens the sh*t out of the wife every time, so I'm better off just leaving it on. So would this be a sub problem or is it a setting in my receiver ? .Thanks Vinny

Sub KSW 10

Receiver Den AVR-1400H


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I'm no expert but I'd say it sounds like a problem with the amp on the sub rather than the receiver.

I'd guess at capacitors in the power supply or something along those lines.

How old is it?


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Thanks for the reply.The sub is about 6 years old.It wasn't the most expensive sub in the world,so I'm not expecting to get long life out of the thing.When it's not working properly it sounds like when your trying to talk with your hand over your mouth,you know, everything is muffled,then turn it off/on and then everything is hunky dory.

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