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Hi lads, got my system hooked up today and I'm well happy although my sub doesn't seem to be working. I've hooked it up from line input on the sub to the pre out on the receiver, everything seems to be the way it should be according to the instructions - anyone got any suggestions ? Cheers


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On most AV amps the sub by default is switched off, check your amps instructions. Also if the material you are listening to is stereo again the sub is not in action. But if the speakers are set to small then the SUB takes over the job of re-producing bass.
Some amps switch off the sub output if it does not sense one connected, this can be overcome by switching the sub on first. Generally if your speakers are Bookself size or smaller then set your speakers to Small. It is Floorstanders that are classed as Large.
On my system I have bookself speakers so it is set to Small, crossover frequency at 120Hz for the LFE channel (SUB) and the Sub frequency cutoff set 120Hz, I sit in the middle of the room so the distance for each speaker is set room length divided by 2.

Hope this helps, no doubt you will get other ideas sent to you.

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