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iv just bought myself a set of acoustic energy evo 3's and was looking to add a sub, iv never used a sub before as iv always used a cheap satelite setup.
what i wanted to know was on the back of the sub there are ports for speakers, why is this?
i thought the sub just plugged into the back of my amp like all my other speakers :confused:


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You can connect the sub by speaker wire from the a/v amp's speaker outputs to the subs speaker inputs.Then connect your speakers to the subs speaker outputs.

However if your receiver or amp has a sub out(usually phono) just connect the sub to the amp with a phono lead and connect your speakers to the amp in the normal way.

I doubt if you will see any real difference whichever method you use.


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oh so it goes inbetween the amp and the speaker?
my amp is brand new and it has a sub in so i think il take the easy route


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can anybody tell me if adding a sub will increase the performance of my speakers, will the bass be taken from the fronts and routed all to the sub or do the fronts still give out bass?

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