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I've got a mini hifi .... Denon M39 with Monitor Audio BX1’s and am thinking about adding a sub to give it a fuller sound as it's in quite a reasonable size kitchen / living area ... one of my biggest problems is where I could position it and getting wiring to it will be difficult.

My 1st question is how much difference would adding a sub to this set up make and would it be quite noticeable or not really worth doing.

2nd query is how does a sub work in distributing the sound ... does it take all the frequency it's set to away from the main speakers giving them more headroom for dealing with the mids / highs or does it just add more bass / lower frequency's to what’s coming out of the main speakers ... in essence "doubling up" the amount of bass.

Lastly ... wireless would make placement a whole lot easier, if I bought one that's already wireless how would I connect it to my system and if I bought wired has anybody experience of Subwoofer Anywhere 635 or any other adapters that work well and do they have any latency / sync issues with the main speakers?

Apologies lots of questions but help with any of them would be much appreciated.


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1: The difference the addition of a sub will make will depend on the sub itself, where it is placed, its response within the room and at your listening location. It will be noticeable and should very much be worthwhile if you are after anything more than a little background noise. Remember because our ears have lower sensitivity to bass, to compensate we often crank up the system and introduce distortion to the full range. A sub should help in this regard because even at lower volumes you can achieve a well balanced sound.

2: The distribution of the sound depends on the bass management capabilities of the Denon M39. I would guess it has no bass management so the speakers will receive the full range signal regardless of whether you use a sub or not. The sub preout of the Denon M39 may or may not filter the bass. In either case it doesn't matter because any sub worth consideration should have a built in crossover and adjustable low pass filter. You can adjust this to help blend in the sub to your speakers.

3: No idea.

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