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I have a castle compact speaker system, with a castle compact sub.

I love the speakers but prefer it with the sub turned off! its hard to explain but the sound it produces dont seem to match whats happening in the film i am watching. During a war film rather than hearing an explosion i seem to get the noise of a space craft hovering over my head (a sort of tinny hum) rather than a bang and rumbe.

My room is probably a big culprit as its more an office than a living room with desks covering two of the walls. The room measures 4.5m x 4m x 2m.

I have tried moving the sub to several different positions and have reacently bought an anti-mode 8033 to eq it. But the problem still exists.

Any ideas on how i can improve things? is a new sub the option or will i get the same problems with something bigger and better?



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