Question Sub help required please.


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Hi all, I currently have a Monitor Audio GSW12 that’s partnered with B+W M1’s (mk2) and Onkyo amp 1007.

I’ve my satellites set at 100htz and have ran Audyssey as accurately as I can.
The volume on the sub after Audyssey run was -7db but this has left me having to select ‘Music’ as listening EQ as Movies and Impact was just incredibly boomy etc even if I turned sub to -12db etc.
So basically I’m at a crossroads of wondering if a Subwoofer better partnered to my speakers would be the way forward?
A newer receiver with better room correction software for my existing set up or even an Anti-mode for my subwoofer??
Seem to be going around in circles reading different solutions so if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it.
My satellites have to stay for the time being.

Thank you.


How is the sub positioned in the room ? Is it very close to walls or corners or boxed in between furniture or something like that ?


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Hello, it’s positioned a third away from the corner of my room against the wall directly in front of me.

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