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Sub for use in a 1st floor flat, any Suggestions??


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I would like to add a sub to my HC set up to maximise the sound. However i live in first floor maisonett and although I have concrete floors, i don't want to deafen my downstairs neighbour.
My set up is: Arcam AVR300 amp, B&W CDM1NT fronts, LCR60 centre and CDMSNT rears.

What can you suggest I get please



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Good Point Recruit.
I'd be looking to spend around £250-£300


The most likely candidates would come from BK with you're budget, if you were willing to spend that little bit extra then you may also be able to look at the SVS SB12+, have a look in the powerbuy forum above.

BK Subs

Powerbuy section


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If you're looking for the answer that there is a sub, or type of sub, that is particularly suited to minimise noise transmission, then I'm afraid the only answer is one that doesn't emit sub-bass!

Front firing, down firing, side firing it doesn't matter - bass is omni-directional and therefore travels in all directions equally. The acoustic energy from the driver will be far in excess of any cabinet transmitted mechanical energy too, or at least it should be in any well constructed sub.

Whatever the claims made by some manufacturers, the only real solution is to buy the sub with the cleanest (lowest distortion) bass you can for the money and apply a degree of sensitivity with the volume control.



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i use a sealed 15" jbl:clap: sounds terrible on paper doesnt it?:p

im in a 1st floor flat, old-skool concrete building. can't obviously get away with a lot of noise, so i just looked into other areas i could exploit. i have the subwoofer sitting right in the center of the two front speakers, forward firing with the sofa at the other end of the room (its a rectangular room, tv fronts and sub are on one long wall, sofa and rars on the other) and i get a decent extension down to 10hz (flat from about 40hz down) i have a large peak i have to work out at 51hz (22db :p) but i can do that with some room EQ. overall, i couldnt ask for better. especially for the price - subwoofer was free, amp to drive it was £35 :D

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