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I'm starting to think a 2.1 set-up would give me that little bit "extra", and am considering a sub. Listening/watching is roughly 50/40/10 telly via Freeview/CD/DVD

The BK XLS200 seems an abvious choice at around what I'm prepared to spend, but would it be up to the job of keeping up with the MA GR10s? As those who have heard them will be aware, they are a very fast speaker, with a decent bass from a small-ish box, so I don't want a sub that is going to drag everything else down to it's level if you get my drift.

I'd be running the sub into the high level inputs from my Arcam A85

I don't want/need ear-splitting volume either, and my room is around 17' x 12', with the GR10s firing down the long axis. The space I have earmarked for a sub would accomodate a cube of roughly 43cm sides, so this is a further limitation. Due to the amount of stuff in my lounge, there are only two places the thing could go - behind a sofa at the opposite end of the room from the main speakers, or on a side wall, about a third of the way along, near the main speakers

Would the XLS200 compliment or hinder the GR10s?

Anything else I should consider, bearing in mind my budget?


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As to whether a sub will help or hinder your GR10s is all about setup and room positioning.

The XLS-200 is an excellent little number for the price, but it'll be up to you to make it work.

Poor positioning can result in exciting the rooms resonant frequencies (or cancellations) where you sit, and this bloating of certain frequencies can result in the one note, lead footed quality that people often blame, wrongly, on the sub.

Sub positioning is all about moving it, and therefore the room modes around the room, so you get the most even frequency response at your listening position. Manage this and deep, tuneful bass will be your reward.



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Thanks Russell - I have a feeling that with only two places for the sub to go, I am unable to optimise its positioning - and sod's law will dictate that the two positions I do have will be the wrong ones!

Anyone else got a XLS200 with MA GR series speakers?

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