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i have a pretty basic car audio setup, i have the standard VW gamma head unit and speakers and my own sub with a crappy goodmans amp. the idea is to integrate the sub with the rest of the system by bringing it in below the other speakers. however, my amp only has 60hz and 120hz crossover points, and to make matters worse, there seems to be less output from the headunit below about 50hz. Thus, I am looking for a cheapish (preferably variable) crossover that i can put between my headunit (via line level RCAs) and amp so I can filter out frequencies below about 40hz. There is output below this from the headunit, its just attenuated a tad, so I intend to increase the gain on my amp once I have cut out the bass I don't want the sub to do.

The only product I have found so far is the Lanzar VibeSX7, which is $40 in the US, but noone will ship to the UK or £120 in the UK, which is a silly markup. Does anyone know of any similar products that would suit me?




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I would actually suggest you change the amp to the sub. It would not be that expensive to give a decent cheapish mono sub amp that can deliver the crossover points you want.

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