Sub connection Question?


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I had 2 Jensen subs connected through an F connector into the 1 sub input on my Denon 2105 receiver and found that one sub drew much more of the signal.
I thought this may have been due to that sub being the closer connection, so I purchased a Y adaptor which I thought would distribute evenly, but it didn't.

Just wondering whether to solve this problem, can the 2 B speaker outputs on the 7 channel receiver be used to plug in the powered subs?
If I can, is this a good idea or would I be losing a better surround sound by not having the rear speakers?

I am replacing the Denon 90w/ch 2105 with a Denon 110w/ch 3802 shortly.

Also…can the rears on the 3802 be set to 'large'..or only 'small' like the 2105?
It would be nice to have a bit of bass coming from behind if the subs are not using these channels?


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