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I'm thinking about getting a sub - I've got a Arcam A85 with B&W CDM1NT's, which isn't quite deep enough for my tastes. I've got a fairly small room -- 15'x10'-- and a budget of about 300 - 500 GBP (~$700). I'm thinking about the MJ acoustics pro 50 - it's small and seems to have a pretty low extension, and it's very cheap. I've also seen second hand Rel Strata (mk I) for about £300 -- would this be a better choice, even with a smallish room? What other options might be sensible, given that I only want the sub for music?

Cheers for any advice!


I was in the same position as you -- Mission 753s which go pretty deep but not deep enough - and am also expanding into Home theatre.

After reading all the forums and comments from people who pretty obviously know what they are talking about I bought a Velodyne CHT 10 from Uncle Eric on the power buy forum for £325 which is a 15% discount on retail.

Have just taken delivery and am mighty impressed. Excellent build quality, good set of differing connections, Line and speaker level, variable lo pass crossover, and a VERY big sound. Am still getting used to it , and have to move it around, but listening to something like the Barry Williams Show on Peter Gabriels "UP" it is very impressive - tight and controlled but deep.

Its still running in, so I think there is more to come -- go have a look at comments from some very satisfied users on the powerbuy forum

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