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I have a profigold 10 sub cable that I bought with my Velodyne CHT-10. I have just set the bass peak level on my Pioneer 2011 and noticed a lot of noise in the signal. Either that or the receiver does this deliberatley.

Can anyone tell me if the profigold cable (cheap one about £30 for 10m) is RCA or coaxial? Is coaxial better for subs? If so why is it not also better to use coaxial between say a CD player and preamp?

Having just aquired a soldering iron I am keen to make my own new sub cable. Can anyone point me towards a suitable cable and connector?


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The cable itself will be coaxial in nature, that is that there are 2 conductors that are coaxial in geometry. A central core that carries the signal and a braid around this which carries the ground signal.

The connectors at the ends will be RCA plugs, also known as phono connectors.

To make your own cable you'll just need some coaxial audio/video cable (75ohm and not the kind designed for carrying TV signals) and some RCA connectors for the ends.

See the sticky's in the DIY section for more help.

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