Sub better below 80htz than floorstanders?




I've recently bought a Rel Stampede sub, and like a few subs out there it takes High and Low level inputs. This gives the option of duplicating the L+R speakers bass or to let the sub take over the L+R speakers bass via AMP crossover at a certian freq.

Here comes the confusion.....

Rel says that (for music in particular) subs should take over bass duties when the L+R speakers have tailed off (recommending using crossover freq on sub of 20-33htz) . They argue that the the sub needs the stereo information and timing cues from the High level input. Essentially this makes the Low level input and AMP crossover redundant for music listening.

Conversely I've seen many people say that subs will perform better than L+R speakers in the range below say 70-80htz and that therefore you should take the strain off the L+R speakers and crossover the bass via the amp at this level.

My speakers are Ruark Prologue II's floorstanders which go down to about 40-50htz, but seem to perform poorly at these lower freq's.
AMP is an Arcam AVR250 with crossover adjustable from as low as 40htz.

Which will give best sound below 80htz - sub or my speakers? (If freq overlap too much sub gets boomy).

I may upgrade sub to the Storm 5 which has a 10" cone compared to the Stampedes 8". Am I right in thinking the sub with the larger cone should have a lower amp crossover freq as it'll be poorer at higher freqs than the smaller coned model?




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i have the Strata 5 and it was a marked improvement over my Quake, however partly thats due to the fact i have Monitor Audio Silver S6 stereo speakers, and considering their relatively slender size somewhat powerful in the deep end, they hit 38hz and they hit it downside is that the last so many hz get a little woolly on sometracks, i found setting the sub at 38hz cancelled out the woollyness and its a nice wholesome bass :)
the quake was just being overwhelmed by the speakers when up

i always use hi-level when listening to stereo sources like CD or vinyl.....i find it more natural...........low-level only for surround sources.....

i also find if i set crossover to 80hz or 60hz and let the sub take below that then the sub has to work harder as its coping with more.....i prefer my sub to give nice clean response to the lowest freqs, my MA S6's can cope with the rest, especially as setting the subs upper to 38hz cancels that minor woollyness....

best thing you can do is set it up various ways, listen and see what you prefer...

dont worry about what other people do, if you like it, stick with it, experiment to find the best sound to your ears :)

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rajkat said:
Am I right in thinking the sub with the larger cone should have a lower amp crossover freq as it'll be poorer at higher freqs than the smaller coned model?

Not true as a well designed 12" driver will still cut the mustard higher up the frequency range. My 12" SVS cuts in below 80Hz

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