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    Hi All

    i'm about to embark on the wiring of our new house (70's timber framed) and the following is my plan:

    cat6 and rg6 (for TV aerial) throughout, terminating in the understairs cupboard.

    I also need to run from one side of the living room, the speaker cables for the rear surrounds, and for the subwoofer, the signal cable and the 12V trigger cable.

    Now, i plan to run all these cables in the hollow walls, dropping down from under the floorboards in the rooms above... just hope its possible to do!

    For the AV cables in the living room, i plan to do the same, drop the cables from above down inside both of the walls (although i'm not sure how if going to get inside the outer wall from upstairs yet) rather than go under the concrete floor.

    Now, are there any suggestions as to what type of cable i should use? obviously some speaker cable for the rears and some kind of co-ax for the sub, and something for the 12v trigger..

    can i use anything? or are there specific requirements for cables for situations like this?


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