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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by hoppaz, Sep 19, 2007.

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    I have the SVS SB-01 speaker package but at the time of purchase I decided against going for a SVS sub as the MS Avant 309i I had did (at the time) do a very good job I felt.

    However, I now feel that perhaps the sub in my system is perhaps the weakest link at the moment when I read all of the threads in the sub forum (and also compared with the rest of my stuff)

    So here is my situation, I live in a terraced house that is rather unique. On one side of the house I have the front door and stairs to upstairs (so living room is not directly linked) and on the other side I have a path (or corridor) under a bedroom which leads to the back of mine and my neighbour's gardens (again separating our living rooms). So in essence my living room where all of my home cinema kit is, is detached from my neighbours.

    I am looking at either purchasing a BK Monolith, SVS PB10 or PB12. Can someone please tell me if these subs would sound like one of those boy racers cars booming along (being able to hear them miles before you see them) or do they provide a deep, cleaner sort of bass that won't ruin my relationship with the neighbours but give me more of a “feel” when watching movies etc.? Any advise or experiences would be much appreciated.

    Also what is everyone's thoughts on the above options (the PB12 is only about 20 quid more than PB10 so would it be worth the extra)?

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