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Looking for a new sub and would be grateful for suggestions on sub choice, layout etc.

Attached is a picture of my TV room with the location of the current sub indicated. As you can see, it is near the front but off to the right and with a big chair (more like a mini sofa) in the way. It's also a front firer so fires across the front of the room from right to left, so probably less than ideal.

My current sub is a Ruark Log Rhythm - yes I was one of the boredites back in 2004 who bought one off BK. Whilst there is nothing wrong with it as such, it is getting a bit old and I'd imagine a new sub would be an improvement. I've not experimented with positioning as it is in the only place it can go. To be honest I've been pretty happy with it until now but then I may not know what I'm missing, and I'm in the process of upgrading everything else.

The other speakers that I will be installing are MA Radius 90s and 225 across the front, plus 6 X MA Mass (old gen) as rears and 4 atmos.

With a budget of up to around the £500 mark, I am thinking about one of the following scenarios:-

1). Get rid of the log rhythm and get a new sub and put in same location. Shortlist for this would be: SVS SB1000, BK P12 300SB (or maybe the PR version) or XXLS400. However, if going for an FF sub, I'd be in a similar situation to what I am now with the sub firing from right to left across the front of the room, albeit with a better sub. So how about a DF sub? On laminate flooring, would a DF be better? To be honest, if I can just put a new sub in the current location, then it is the most appealing solution in terms of ease and wife approval factor, but appreciate there is no point in me splashing out if it's just a waste of time with the placement.

2). Keep the log rhythm and put a REL T Zero just to either the right or left of the centre speaker. My thinking here is that I can set the REL up to take care of the upper bass frequencies (probably crossing the MASS at 120 Hz and Radius at 90-100), and the log rhythm can take care of the lower less directional stuff below say 60 Hz. Might be a bit tricky to set it up in that way, but probably doable. Or given my room size, do you think a REL T Zero on it's own would be okay - although I must confess that I am a bit skeptical of the 6.5" woofer and 38Hz bottom end.

There is also in theory a 44cm gap to left of the sofa but I feel I'd be shoe-horning something in there, and it's not really wife friendly. I suppose if I got a T zero I could try it out there and also to the side of the centre and see what works.

Apologies that this is a bit long-winded, but grateful for any comments/advice.




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