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Simple question really

I live in an appartment complex: I have one neighbour living above, but no one below.

I had been consdering a sub, but had slowly begun to realise that this may result in my upstairs neighbour's priceless Picasso's (or "dogs playing cards", I dunno) to start free-falling from their wall mounts when the sub lets rip

So - and this IS a serious question - does anyone succefsully use a sub in an apartment without receiving an eviction notice??


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I live in a ground floor flat and use a velodyne cht-10 whilst watching movies. I've yet to have a complaint but I'm usually carefull not to have it too loud. I usually wait till they've gone out to whack it up a bit and it's usually only a couple of times a week at sensible times.
I doubt you will have any issues if your considerate and don't take the pea too often. Why not invite them down to watch the odd film and that way you may have them eating out the palm of your hand:)


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also it will help if you put a paving slab under the sub to stop some of the bass going downstairs through the floors. There is a thread in this forum about what people have under there sub.


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funny you should mention that: I've been plannig to invite her down to eat out of the palm of my hand for some time now


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OK - back to reality: is it reasonable for me to leave a depsoit with my dealer and take a demo model home for the weekend to test it out??

Ian J

Very much so. That is the best way to buy subwoofers anyway as their interaction with the room is much greater than any other item of equipment in the audio chain.

Peter Baker

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I would agree that a home loan is just about mandatory. I'm also in a flat, albeit somewhat soundproffed due to its concrete skin construction.
I borrowed, and ended up keeping a B&W CM sub, pretty similar to the ASW675.
For me this gave a pleasing additional weight to most soundtracks, as well as adding punch to all those pyrotechnic bits we all love.
However it did all of this without causing upset to the neighbours, I know cos I asked them.
Whilst I was tempted to go for something bigger and badder, I felt in the end that I had reached a safe plateau and should stick with it. Also the ASW CM looks really cute in maple, matching the flat and even getting a positive response from the wife.


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Thanks for all the replies

I'm going to have a word next weekend with my dealer.

I'll be looking for something rather compact, around the 300-400 pounds mark, so I'll start reading some threads on this.




Like Hawklord I also have a Velodyne CHT-10. I also live in a first floor flat, but the floor is solid concrete andthe flat below has a loft area between me and them which does stop all but the loudest bass travelling downwards to their livingroom.
I also help to cut down the noise to my neigbour by standing the CHT-10 on an Auralex Gramma isolation platform. This also helps to reduce vibrations within my room.
I also do tend to keep the volume to a fairly aceptable level most of the time, but do occasionally pump it up and have never had any complaints (God knows why as I would complain if I was them :devil: ).


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