Sub £320 Home AV System



Hello all, this is my 1st post so please overlook my not so good AV knowledge...

I'm looking to add an AV receiver to my Toshiba SD330 DVD player and have a budget of £320 maximum.

From looking around, there's as ever loads of choices but I'd like to get the best I can for the money and not have to replace it in 2 years cause it's out of date. (or lost it's allure over newer shiny av boxes ;o) )

What's the best choice for me out of the items below (or NOT from the list below)

This seems to be the latest getting vg reviews...and 6.1 support
Denon AVR1604 + £120 for speakers (such as Yamaha NSP106)

These seem a bit cheaper but are only 5.1 ...
Sony HTDDW750
Yamaha AV25
Aego P5 (seems old but gets vg reviews)

Should I go for the 6.1 system as it seems upgradable or stay with the best quality 5.1 system as there may not be many benefits from 6.1 over 5.1 or titles in 6.1 format out there.

Any advice is much appreciated...


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