Sub-£300 DVD Recorder by Summer '03?


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I see that Thomson have just released their DVD Recorder/Hard Disk combo for £500, which can write to both the +RW and -RW formats.

I also see that the Philips DVD880 is available from Richer Sounds for £400.

So does anyone think that by summer next year there will be a sub-£300 DVD Recorder (or even better, Recorder/Hard disk combo)? Will the Philips or Thomson models be reduced further by this date, or will there be a new model which breaks this barrier?

Any thoughts?



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If you are talking about the Thomson DTH 7000U DVD Player / Hard Disk Recorder well this is not a DVD Recorder it is just a Hard Disk Recorder with DVD Player if it not that model what Thomson model are you talking about ?. The DTH-7000 can however read DVD+RW and DVD-RW as well as DVD/MP3/CD/VCD/DVD+R/DVD-R/CD-R and CD-RW.

I think once more manufacturers come to Home DVD Recorder party will we see prices drop below the £300 mark for a DVD Recorder, But a DVD Recorder with a Hard Disk Recorder for that kind of money I doubt it for awhile.

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