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I just found out that a new Styx Anthology is being released May 4th. It’s called Come Sail Away. I already have the Greatest Hits, but this looks like it could be really cool. Unlike the Greatest Hits that contained songs just from their A&M years, this album contains songs from 13 of their 14 studio albums on Wooden Nickel A&M, and Sanctuary records. There are 35 tracks that account for 2 and a half hours of music. I’m definitely excited.


I think I have the first laser etched disc by them Babe.:smashin: :clap:


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rollnrocker - presumably just a CD then - no chance of a dvd-a or an sacd ? I only have 2 studio CDs (Pieces of Eight & The Grand Illusion) Used have a dozen or so on vinyl so I will give this anthology a look - hope its as good as the Bad Co one I bought recently ... Paul ;)


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Whenever I think of Styx I'm always reminded of Eric Cartman from South Park singing one of their songs. It's slash-your-pants-laughing time, believe me if you haven't heard it!

"IIIIII'm sailiiiiiing away............." :rotfl:
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