Stylish Speakers Recommedations - Kef vs Tannoy


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Hi guys,

I am looking for a stylish surround system and I need opinions on these speakers because it is impossible to get good extensive auditions where I live.

The front 3 channels will be wall mounted around a plasma TV while the back 2 will be on stands right behind my sofa. The system has to be small and stylish, by the way, because I'm going to have a dedicated system with tower speakers in another room in the future.:D

I've narrowed my search down to these speakers:

Kef KHT6000 ACE + Sub


Tannoy Arena Highline 500

Both look really good to me in black and IMO both have pretty good sound.

FYI, the Tannoys won annual awards from 'What Hi-Fi', 'Home Theatre Choice' and EISA and received recommendations from both 'Home Theater Magazine' and 'Ultimate AV Magazine'.

OTOH, the Kef is highly recommended by 'The Absolute Sound' and 'AVGuide Monthly'.

Please kindly offer your opinion if you have any experience with either or both systems.

Thank you.:)


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ill throw another suggestion into the pot, a little more expensive but in theory much better speakers.

focal dome

£1500 for a 5.1 pack

but stunning.


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Just to bump this up because im in the same position.

I've been looking at the monitor audio radius as well (waiting for the new HD range) but i've not found anyone willing to give me a date on that and contacting MA direct has resulting in nothing.

So im looking at other 'similar' options.

I have no choice but to wall mount next to a plasma, the highline 500 and kefs look quite similar but it's proving quite difficult to find opinions between them.

The speakercraft tantra system looks really nice too, but i'd never heard of them before i went looking

Initially im only really looking for a 2.1 system and will eventually get 5.1, so the best wall mounted black left and right speakers is my main concern right now.

The cost of the R250 vs the highlines are similar. Im not sure about the kef 6000 or even 9000, still looking for those.

opinions most welcome :)

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I can vouch for the Radius range. The quality is excellent. I don't know what the décor is like in your living room but I've got the rose mahogany finish and it's very much like a quad speaker. :smashin: I demo'd some black ones and the finish is excellent and would look good next to a big TV.

The subs are supposed to be pants, although they've been selling a 5.1 radius set with a silver sub and that's the set that's won awards.

As they're bringing out the new range there are lots of deals/ex demo ones around if you look hard enough.


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i've yet to find a deal on gloss black! I think there's a lack of stock now too.

Im also looking at the linn komponents 110. Now they are phsyically a bit bigger, still wall mounting and on paper seem quite superior (and they're more money so they ought to be).

Is anyone using these?



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Hi Paul,

I've got the Komponent 110's in graphite (as well as the 104's as rears, the 106 centre and the 120 sub), I love them to bits but I can't really offer you an objective opinion because I haven't heard the other speakers you're looking at getting.

The 110's look great and sound great, we use ours for a lot of movies and they're really sharp and clear - bass is pretty good, but we always have the sub turned on which fills the sound out nicely.

In fact up until recently we just had the 104's (small bookshelf style) and the 120 sub going and they complemented each other perfectly - but if you're just going for strictly 2 channel stereo, I'd highly recommend the Linn 110's.

Good luck with your shopping!

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