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Bowers and wilkins xt2 or Canton 820/reference9's? I think the xt2's are around £800 and I can source the cantons at 800 euros delivered.
I appreciate style is subjective but which is the better speaker?
I have demo'd the xt2's and the look and sound lovely (to me). I cant find the canton's to demo, so has anyone heard these\own them?
I have a yamaha rx v2500 amp and will be listening to music (pop/rock) in a room with a wooden floor about 13' x 21'.
I want smallish bookshelfs ideally. Can anyone give me any advice?
Thanks in advance.


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Well, the first aspect is, when it comes down to two speakers, there is not much we can tell you that your ears can't tell you better. We are good at helping you narrow the field down, but once the field is down to two, it is up to you to carry on from there.

Next, the B&W are style speakers. Though not the tiniest style speakers arround. That right there, leaves me wondering. Though as 'style' speakers go these seem pretty good.

Next, the Canton Vento 820 is a bookshelf speakers. That I believe are significantly larger than the B&W. Canton speaker, in general, are good and highly regarded, but you can't believe the frequency response specifications. The listed frequency response is the Maximum, not the flat frequency response. You need to add another 25hz to 30hz to the Canton specs to get something approximating the flat, and workable, response at the low end.

The Vento 820 claims 27hz, but likely it is more like 52hz to 57hz. That's still not bad for a small bookshelf speaker.

I'm assuming that you are building a 5.1 system, and that means you have a Sub, with a Sub in the mix, the low end of the front speakers is not critical because the Sub is covering the very low end.

I'm curious why not more common and conventional speakers like the B&W 685 or the Monitor Audio Silver RX1 or RX2?

There is nothing wrong with either of the speakers you picked. It is just a matter of which one do you like?



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Thanks for your thoughts. I dont have a sub in the equation because this is a zone 2 room. I went for bookshelves purely from a GF factor, but I want them to sound goos as well as look good.I'll have a look at those you've mentioned. Any other suggestions?
BTW I didnt think there was much between them in size but I'll have to check now:blush:

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