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Sep 12, 2005
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What is the difference between DVDRAM disks and DVDRW discs, I know what DVDR and DVDRW discs are and how to use them but I have never used ram discs before. I just thought they were for computer programs.
DVD-RAM discs can be used for re-recording up to 100,000 times without reformatting. Just delete and rerecord as you would do for a hard drive. They are useful for people who don't want the expense of a dvd recorder with hard drive as they act the same as a small hard drive.
Should perhaps have added that the only dvd recorders to support DVD-RAM are Panasonic, JVC, Toshiba, Hitachi and Samsung. The only PC DVD Writers that will write to this are those made by LG (Hitachi collaboration) such as the LG 4163B and the Panasonic writers altho many dvd writers will read dvd-ram discs - e.g. the Pioneers.
Well - all my Medion PC's (three of em) came with Sony DVD writers and I have changed them for two LG 4163B's and a Panasonic. I would bet that Sony is one of the few that do not support ram on pc writers.
mine is the Sony DW-U14A, have just done a quick search and it seems to read dvd-rom at 8x.

But i will wait and see if i get the dvd recorder till i buy any.
stinkypete, dvd-rom is not dvd-ram.
The DVD-RAM disc for my Panny came in a cartridge.

Do PC drives that take DVD-RAM also take cartridges - or only cartridgeless discs?
No, you take them out. As far as I know anyway. On my Pioneer and NEC you do.

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