Stupid 'design characteristic' on Song 4:3 WEGA

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by pc99, Sep 7, 2001.

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    I bought a new Sony KV29LS30 recently. This is a WEGA 4:3 set. I didn't want a widescreen as I have the projector for that and wasn't prepared to pay over the odds for a smaller tube.

    Anyway, just to warn potential purchasers who are into home cinema, I thought I'd point out the wonderful design of this set.

    It has phono audio outputs on the back, so I could connect the output to my amp. without using one of the (only 2) scarts.

    These outputs are not enabled by default. A menu option switches off the internal speakers and enables the audio outs.

    However this option resets every time the TV is put in standby.

    I thought I had a faulty set so I phoned Sony to be told that this was a design characteristic. I think it's more like a design fault.

    So, that wonderful feature along with the fact that it doesn't seem to support discrete remote on/off and input selection codes (like my old Sony does), and also the fact that it is nearly 10cm wider and 6 cm taller than my old 29" has forced me to return it and make do with my current set.
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    It's the same for the KV29FX30. I solved this problem by connecting a phone-plug (without any headphones) in the front. By doing so the internal speakers will be off all the time. The output level of the "audio line out" will be sligtly lower (???) but that doesn't matter.

    BR Jonas

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