Stupid big egos and wallets to match........

Dave P

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.went around my brother in laws on New Years Eve, builder, more money than sense type.

Anyway, he's just got himself Sky HD and a new Pioneer PDP507XD plasma, got some monkey from the high street store he brought it from to install it for him. Most of the viewing chairs are about 10 to 12 foot away.

He obviously thinks it's wonderful but it looked shocking. I've seen less grain on the beech, and there was no discernable difference between SD and HD.
I checked a few of the HD box settings and connections which were fine, but didn't fiddle with the plasma as I know nothing about them.

I'm so glad I got my HD and LCD, and knew how to tweak both (thanks largely to this forum) before I saw this set up otherwise I never would have taken the plunge.

God knows how much he spent but my old SD box and 21 Sony CRT produced a better image.

But at least he's got a big TV to go with his big house and big car.:smashin:


He must have a dodgy one or connected it wrong cause that tv has crystal clear picture on sky hd. And a very impressive picture on sd sky to be honest.


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I am detecting a touch of jealousy here Dave P, surely not....:D

Dave P

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Not at all mate. Screen was far too big for the room, it had to partly cover a window it was so wide.

Glad to hear another poster has the same set and gets a good picture. Might suggest to my brother in law he gets someone professional in to do the necessary, the PQ was that bad.


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I have a 506xde and SkyHD and even before sky I was stunned with the TV, but when fed HD from either 360, snazzio HD player or SkyHD, it just blows me away each time. I am also very impressed by the SD channels, they seem much better than my old Sky+ box.
So I would say something big time is wrong with your bro' in law's setup.

J Roadley

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Pioneer's screens are lush - definately sounds like a dodgy setup.

As already stated, you won't get a much better SD picture either.

Love my 436xde :thumbsup:

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