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I've just had two more pieces commissioned from Stuart.

Guy did a great job again, delivery next week ..


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I had an old Argos pine stand.
To get my centre speaker under my screen I purchased and modified a glass TV stand, this put the TV too high.

Eventually I moved house and now was the time to design a cabinet to lower the screen to eye level.
I schemed it up on a computer and sent the rough design around for quotation.

Of the companies I contacted, Stump furniture Reclaimed Furniture | Handmade Kitchens | AV Furniture - Stump Furniture
had a good response time, options to build at various prices and input into construction.

With the feedback obtained from Stuart at Stump I re-designed my cabinet, got a firm quote and placed my order, within about 8 weeks I had the item delivered carefully by their driver and I set about reinstalling my system which I am still doing.

However I was blown away with the quality and how professionally made it was.
It exceeded my expectations and for the money and size of the unit it was fantastic value for money.
The service I recieved was second to none as there were a few conversations discussing my requirements.
All I can say is thank you to them.

I was so impressed I thought I would share with you all here.

I will post some better pictures soon, as these were taken at night with a phone and the colour is obviously way off.

Centre is a speaker shelf, underneath a false draw for multi plug socket concealment but front access.
Left for an AV processor and rest for equipment.

IMG_1842.JPG IMG_1845.JPG IMG_1847.JPG Mark-Williams_Version-01.jpg
MW_01.jpg MW_01.jpg MW_03.jpg


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Gary Leeds UK

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Just dropped them a email - looking for a new cabinet


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I second this - got a bespoke AV cabinet made, about the same price as some generic ones from John Lewis. Quality is second to none. Made to fit all of my AV stuff and hide the wires.

Stuart is spot on the money, kept me informed all of the way and got my item delivered quickly. Pictures below



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Looks great :)

I've just submitted a request also after all the great reviews and results here. I had managed to find something that would have done the job, but found what I was looking for (two different models) to be discontinued even though supplier websites stated they had stock....in fact I paid one seller on Amazon and had the hassle of then having to get a refund.

So this bespoke route looks much more appealing and will fit the space I have exactly. Thank goodness for avforums :)


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Just thought I'd give a thumbs up to Stump Furniture here in Leeds, who have just made me this equipment cabinet in black walnut at a very reasonable price. There are several complimentary threads on here for them. Stuart will work with you to produce anything you wish and he's done a good job for me. It has a full open back for ventilation

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Any idea what joints these guys use? I'm currently attempting a DIY unit and planning on dado joints but was wondering how these guys do it.

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