Studio DC10 Plus - Version 8 worth getting?


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Hi all

first off i have a analog video camera which i've had for a few years now (Hi 8) but i can't afford to buy a digital one.
So i was looking into buying a a video card as my graphics card won't allow me to do this and plug my camcorder into it.
So i can make some dvd's of my holiday trips i've taken.

So i've looked around and i'm little unsure what to do.
I've read up about Studio DC10 Plus - Version 8 and it seems to do what i need it to do (am i right in thinking this?)
But my question is should i just buy a video/Tv card only and use the moive editor that comes with win xp. Oh buy the whole package which works out alot more. But am i paying more because of the software?.
Or if i buy a Tv/ video card like WinTV GO am i going to struggle to put together a good quailty film. I mean is the res not so good as the Studio DC10 Plus - Version 8 package?

Very confused at the moment.

Thanks for any help .


How much can you get the DC-10 for? This has been around for a good few years now and was at one stage very expensive, but no so much now. By the sound of it the DC-10 is supplied with Pinnacle Studio 8 (Studio 9 has just been released) which is a very good and easy to use prog.
There are many options for analogue capture now, how much you pay really will depend on the quality of the captured video. You can get cheap USB2.0 capture devices that give, well cheap results and cost from around £40. You can go all the way up to the Canopus DVC-100 that costs about £200 and connects to the PC via firewire. The PC will just think you have a DV camcorder connected via firewire and all software will work fine with it. I don't think you can normally capture with Movie Maker 2 via analogue.


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