Studio 8, why do you hate me


harvest moon

Can someone help me, after treating myself with a nice new Sony pc8 and Pinnacle Studio 8 for Christmas I’m now ready to trash studio in the River Thames and sell the Sony for a bottle of Jack Daniels just to calm me down.

Have spent almost 2 days getting Pinnacle Studio 8 all set up and have now spent another 2 days trying to work the thing.

Everything I seem to do I have problems with error message’s popping up.

Sometimes I can capture and edit a simple 10 second film, other times I get error message’s, Then when I am successful in capturing, I move to the next stage, (Make Movie), where I try most of the options, only to be greeted with error message’s, normally after waiting a long time for the rendering to finish.

So is there an answer or am I doom to just hunting around for fix’s and reading help pages.

I was looking forward to buying this for Christmas and impressing the family with amazing editing skills, but at the moment I feel not only have I wasted my money but 4 days of Christmas too.

All help would be appreciated

David Hughes

I bought studio v8 deluxe not long ago. I used to use Ulead version 6 for editing, which was simple ! - I too find the rendering process very slow and cumbersome although I love the functionality version 8 offers. Haven't had any major errors other than not being able to capture analogue data from my vcr - am running with a 1,8 amd processor and 60gb hard drive which seems to cope pretty well. My cam is a JVC. I'm not sure if I have the answer to your questions but I can sympathise about the lost time over christmas !


I bought studio7 sometime ago and have now upgraded it with version 8. I have just used it for the first time yesterday for a 25 minute movie without any major problems. After reading advice from various sources in particular pinnacles website, all went well. The main problem that seems to upset things is system resources. Although I have a fast processor, large fast hard drive and 768Gb ram this still does not help if the set up is not configured correctly. A tip is to ensure that nothing is running in the background except systray and explorer, this frees up resources for editing. Try this first and check out options in pinnacle support.


Addition to above- look in the "help" section of the software and locate "tips and tricks", where there is info on adjusting settings. I made changes to my hard drive settings only.
Rendering in studio was slow in fact it lasted for the same time as footage. When I came to burn it as a VCD it only wrote at x1 speed, which again took the 25 mins. So saved it as a mpeg file and opened it up in easy cd creator and then wrote it at x10. In future this is what I will be doing.

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