Stud wall calculator? Anyone know of any good ones? I dont trust my maths!


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Hey all,

So Im in the process of renovating my house and Im now at the stage where I need to think about rebuilding one of the rooms.

So I'm wanting to order the studwork I need but frankly I dont trust my maths enough to work it out myself so just wondered if anyone knew of any decent online calculators that will tell me how many lengths I need to order to accomodate 600 centres and noggins etc?

The room I need to rebuild is 3.71m x 3.68m (2.4m high).

Any help?

Many thanks
Grangey :thumbsup:
I'm unclear from your given measurements as to how much actual stud wall you are going to build.

ie. Is it 3.71m + 3.68m + 3.71m + 3.68m = 14.78m total length and all at 2.4m high?

You don't mention plaster board either and it is easy to calculate. I just wondered if you are you boarding both sides of this total length of wall?

Anyhow, that apart. Here's one calculator I found:

Wall Framing Calculator with Stud Spacing Diagram Metric


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Hi Begonia,

Yes its a complete room ie all 4 walls as per your example.

That calculator seems great, I dont think it includes the top and bottom studs (forget the technical term for them- header and footer) or noggins but sure looks like it will give me a great start thank you :)

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