Stud Finder driving me INSANE!


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I am trying to plan out a home theatre setup and before hand wanted to check for studs, mark, check for fire blocks..etc

I have dropped cables in my house 3 times before, once in the living room, once in office and once in the bedroom. I did not run into any horizontal beams or fire blocks but I don't want to ASSUME anything.

So in my living room I took my stud finder and I run in down the wall to look for horizontal studs. Randomly in diff spots on the wall I get a read.

Also near the floor about 2 feet from the floor I am reading a stud...that stud appears to go horizontally all the way across this entire 20 ft wall. However, I have dropped cables through this said spot twice.. I even have a hole that I Looked up...put ruler in..there is nothing there. Tested again..shows stud..did this several times. Nothing is there...why is the stud finder finding a stud here?

Could it be something else.

Keep in mind I am in the US so this is sheetrock not plaster.

It is driving me insane!


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I had a stud finder behave like that once, locating "phantom" studs....very frustrating indeed. Turned out the battery was too weak to give a stable reading. It started behaving well again after I put a new battery in :)


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I thought of that..and didn't have a replacement battery will get one tomorrow.

But that doesn't explain odd behavior on a straight line across the whole wall! LOL.. Unless the builder put something along the wall there..maybe a medal piece covering seam of the sheetrock or I dunno.

I will try a new battery. But it seems to be working right...because it will find the normal studs 16 apart...and all's just..weird I have no clue.


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Could there be a horizontal cable there?

In the UK cables have to run vertical but that is a fairly new requirement.


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Brand new house..I thought about something like that but I thought standard cables run next to studs. Me and my dad think it might be a sheetrock seam because we have10 ft ceilings..and we think maybe they used corner tape (with metal) in it for the seem..

Luckily I don't have to drop more cables down there..but I do have to drop some high upfor my speakers..and having some similar readins up let's hope there is no stud horizontally..I don't want to have to learn how to cut out, patch, or get long drill


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You sure its not dot and dab, regs state a solid line of mud top and bottom for fire stop, and would explain the random "studs"

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