Stuck pixels only relevant to LCD?



I see there are some issues with stuck pixels with some projectors. am I right that this only applies to LCD, and not DLP?
I also note that some retailers offer a 'pixel check', either for free or for a few pounds. Does anyone know whether this means that you get a no-stuck-pixel projector, or less stuck pixels than average (or just a note saying how many are stuck, perhaps :) )
Without such checks, is there an 'industry standard' failure threshold that one has to accept without recourse, or does this vary from one small print to another?


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Stuck pixels are much more common with LCD than DLP.
With DLP, stuck mirrors are pretty rare. In all the years I've been selling DLP projectors, I can count on one hand how many units have has a stuck mirror, and only one mirror (per DMD) at that.

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It is very very rare for a mirror to get stuck or stop working on DLP, but it does happen from time to time. I think the TI DMD might have a warranty or something, so that you'll be covered fopr a replacement (pj) if you get one that has a mirror problem. I would think this would be covered for it during the warranty period of the pj.

For LCD it is quite common, and you were 'allowed' varying quantities of pixel failure in clumps, colour or number before it was considered a failure, which is why some places do pixel checks for you. This may have changed for home cinema pjs though. A pixel check means you should get 100% working pixels.

Hi Jeff, looks like we posted at almost the same time. :)



Would someone explain to me the difference between a .55 DMD and a .8 DMD. I live in Mexico and the specs here don't refer to HD2 and HD3. I figure we refer to things here differently.


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Your best bet would be, although I don't think it will help much. In fact I've just looked and there is hardly any chip info on the Products page anymore. You may be able to find a downloadable spec paper somewhere though.

There isn't always just one chip type per size! The HD2+ and HD2+ DC3 are both the same size for example, as are the older 848x600 and the newer 960x1080 wobbulation chip (0.55" iirc).

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