Stuck - Need rid of an old canoe/kayak, can't shift it!


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Got a 1990s kayak tied to the rafters in the garage, just collecting dust and getting in the way.
Tried to get rid of it
Local canoe/kayak clubs don't want it
I haven't got a car/trailer big enough to tie it to
The local tip won't take it as is
I'm loathed the chop it up as it think it's kevlar/fibreglass
I've put it on gumtree/FB/shpock as free collected, no bites

Might just have to instruct the funeral parlour to use it as my coffin when the time comes :laugh:

Any ideas? Anyone want one in the Berkshire/Hampshire area? I could do with more lighting in there and the rafter it's on is the only suitable one for a mount (will create a classified if someone wants it)


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Just put on your front lawn with a saying it's worth a lot of money 💰. It'll soon go
Surely the easiest thing to do is get a decent DIY face mask and just chop it up and take it down the tip if you have no other options??

Probably take you half an hour to chop it up and a tenner for a mask and saw and your problem is solved!!


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I'd thought about it, but I've no idea how much mess fibreglass makes when you cut it other than what I've heard?
Might be making a trip to B&Q for a decent mask and saw

I suppose if I shut the doors of the garage while I do it I can limit how far the mess goes?


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leave it another month or 2 and it will probably sell / be collected / stollen off your front garden especially if we get some good weather.


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Just put on your front lawn with a saying it's worth a lot of money 💰. It'll soon go

Alternatively, put it on your front lawn with a large sign saying do not touch. It'll be gone in the morning.

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