Stuck between two laptops, does Windows 8 work better with touch screen?


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Hi so I am looking at getting a new laptop, I am on Windows 7 now but wanting to go to Windows 8, I have the two following laptops shortlisted:

Toshiba U940-100
Asus S200e-ct158h

Asus VivoBook Laptop S200E - Laptops |

Satellite U940-100 - Toshiba

I am after something smaller to use in the house it will never be ran hard only a little Football manager and web browsing word processing.

I would have probably just gone for the Toshiba but after reading so much about Windows 8 being aimed more like a tablet use system I wanted to know if anyone has any experience and can recommend if I should go for a touch screen or is it a gimmick I will stop using after several days?

I have read mixed reviews on both mentioned but you will always get good and bad on everything! The best prices I can find seem to put the Toshiba around £80 cheaper, but is the touchscreen worth the extra to get the full potential from Windows 8?

I used to work for Tosh and rate them highly I think you can get a lot for your money, do not have a lot of knowledge on Asus though but prepared to try something new!

Any feedback on all the questions would be great:thumbsup:


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The full version of Windows 8 works better with mouse and keyboard, touchscreen isn't going to be much use when you are on the desktop so I wouldn't let it play an important role in your decision


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The touchscreens are novelties on these types of devices take LJx 's advice and don't factor it into your decision, both the Toshiba and the Asus are good laptops but don't spend the extra money on a touchscreen that you will use for the first day and then never again.

Dave Brand

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I'm using Windows 8 on both a desktop & a netbook. I can't think of anything I could do with a touchscreen that I can't do with a mouse & keyboard. Some people like touchscreens - I don't! I don't even use the touchpad on the netbook if I can avoid it, but Windows 8 does make it easier than Windows 7 did as you only need to move to the corners of the screen rather than click onto a small icon to access a lot of the Windows functions.

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