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Just for interest, I've started on Sub #3 - another Sonottube, but smaller (taller though) than my first one. This will be powered by the Hypex HS200 panel running a Shiva III 12" sub and will look a lot like the SVS sub :). Photos to follow, but trying to locate a decent 4" port at the moment (alread found nice 15" grill for the sonotube (16") and have black carper and paint :)

As such I will be selling either of my old ones to fnd this one soon :(


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What is the tube made out of? Where did you get it from? I'm looking to make some concrete speakers stands and I'm looking for something to use a mold.




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ditto what spamboy asked.
And is that tube smooth on the outside? (ie no spiral ridge)


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Tube is made of cardboard (as usual). I would think it's too big for speaker stands (16" diameter) maybe try a carpet shop for something smaller. It's smoothish, but I don't think you will find one that is perfect, same construction/style as a toilet roll.

New photos up


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Sorry, got it free with the amp an sub I bought of Gary from here. Essex Tubes sells them and this one is about .5cm wide.


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What size and tuning point are you going for, it should sound great!


And very nice it sounds too!
Thanks for your hospitality this afternoon Mat, and for the sonotube Mk1 to play with. It will fit nicely in the corner where the cube is, I perched it on top of the cube and when the kids got home the 20 month old immediately said "What's this?". Tomas thinks it looks like a rocket booster! Mrs Reg would like me to redecorate it as a Dalek...
Cheers again,



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No problem :) hope it's useful, was only sitting around. BTW forgot to mention that I used the wadding from it for STS II

A Dalek subwoofer, now that WOULD get your some internet traffic!! Very cool idea.

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