Struggling with Ps3 media


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Hi is it at all possible to copy media (Film backups i have stored on pc) to the ps3 hard drive from ur pc and play it?

If you can does any one have a simple guide because ive read everywhere and im stuggling. i dont mind doing it using either ethernet or wireless using built in adaptor.

I have tried getting the ps3 to see my wireless but when i scan it only finds another wireless network a few doors down.

Any help would be gr8 as ive been staring at my screen for hours and getting no where.

Cheers :)

Oh and im using xp home


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You could try using tversity -

Cheers but i really dont want to have to stream the media would prefer to play it from the device itself.

I also have an xbox 360 would this be better to use?

or an i going to be better off flogging the 360 and maybe getting a htpc?

As i do want an easy life i dont really want to have to re-encode all the movies i have to play on either xxbox 360 or ps3.


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if you mean transferring films from your pc hdd to ps3 hdd then watching them from ps3? i just use a usb flash stick


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There is a sticky that i and someone else wrote regarding all this.

Easiest way, unless ALL your files are under 4GB in size, is to copy over to the PS3 HDD with TVersity, so streaming but not playing, although i don't see why you don't actually want to stream via your pc, if they're "normal" i.e. non-HD files, then they'll work fine.

Otherwise just use a USB HDD and copy over from there.

You'll lose some of the options when you play back though, you don't get the same ones as when you play via actual DVD disc.


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If you get your wireless working or use ethernet then you can use Tversity (it copies as well as streams) and possibly redkawa (never tried it).

You can use a USB flash stick or HDD.

You can also burn files onto a DVD-RW and copy the stuff back off onto the PS3.

However you do it, remember that your files need to be in a format that the PS3 recognizes.

Hope that helps

Edit: Axum beat me to it. The 4GB file size limit is a good point. Also, if you use USB then the drive has to be FAT32 format.


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Thanks all just had a little play with red kawa seems ok but havnt quite got it working if i cant r it just still seems to mch of a hastle im just gonna flog\swop my 360 and buy a HDMI hdd player or HTPC i think, as its cool having gadjets with media players etc build in but when its a kerfuffel to get it all working and correct video file types i dont know, i think i was hopeing it would be an all singing all dancing media player once running.


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I had problems getting my 720p files to play over my wireless network with TVersity, way too much stuttering. Bought a couple of ethernet cables and rigged up the laptop and ps3 to my router with them(all cables hidden round the back of living room!!) and it now works like a dream using TVersity.


i stream with wmplayer 11 works fine with 720p and 1080p m2ts files
and xvid

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