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Jun 28, 2002
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I bought a PB-TV100 card today and am struggling to get a better picture than my previous setup. Before i was using a ProV to connect the PTAE100 and Sky+ and i didnt like the picture too much because when things were not close on screen they went blurry.

So now i have My monitor pugged in by DVI and my PJ into my PC via VGA (and using dual view)and S-Video into my new TV card.

But to me the picture looks worse, i must be doing something wrong.

I used these settings saa713x/Dscaler Saa7134 lifeview 2000 pc tv-100.htm and also tried using MoComp2 but agian the Prov looks better.

Im tearing my hair out here as i know i have done something wrong. Is it possable to get 1:1 this way?

I'm not familiar with the ProV, but if it's a separate video scaler, I'm not surprised at your findings. Are you comparing s-video in both cases, or does the ProV accept RGBs (scart) - in which case, it will be significantly better than Dscaler with s-video.

RGB from a digital source directly to a projector (if it supports regular PAL) will most likely be better than Dscaler/HTPC via s-video, as a rule.
A Prov is this

at thr moment im connecting both by S-Video.

Having read the forums i thought HTPC was the way to go for the best picture quality for a projector, Thats why im thinking i have the settings wrong either on the Panny, PC or DScaler

I think you need to first of all get your video output set up for 1:1 mapping, otherwise you're pretty much guaranteed to get a worse picture than you had before, the scaler on the Panny is pretty mediocre.

Get your desktop working 1:1 and then go from there.

And as MikeTV said, using s-video will kill PQ compared to RGB .. that's what cards like the Sweetspot are for, to allow an RGB signal to be processed via the PC using D-Scaler .. D-Scaler is a beat to try to understand, I gave up and simply used its' out-of-the-box settings for my NTL feed and it's fine like that.
i got my desktop 1:1 but the picture wont go full screen anymore.

It cut off loads of the bottom when i click fullscreen.

'Fraid I'm lost here, what won't go full screen? What "full screen" are you clicking?

Sorry mate, I'm confused now.
I just double click the Dscaler window and it goes into fullscreen mode but it cuts of alot off the bottom of the picture

this is what it looks like in fullscreen mode


as u can see alot of the bottom has been cut off and i dont know how to rectify it to make it all fit into the 856x480 1:1 desktop
ok, this just looks like aspect ratio in dscaler not matching that of Sky. If you are set up in 16:9 in Sky then try setting to 16:9 Anamorphic in dscaler under the aspect ratio menu.

thanks for the help David, I got it all to fit with the settings u said but the picture is still not as good as the ProV.

I need someones exact settings who has Sky+ plugged into a PB-TV100.

From what im looking at here i cant see how people say this card and HTPCs are the way to go, becuase i think even Svideo straight into the panny would look better than it does at the moment
Hi MrCoopz

Well I cannot speak for the PBTV100 as that isnt a card we supply, but if you are getting better results from SVideo direct in to your projector compared to Dscaler then something is not set up correctly.
Starting with the basics are you absolutely sure that you have 1:1 running? Does the nokia monitor test application show perfect text readability all over the screen?
It should also report the correct custom resolution.
With regard to Dscaler settings, then pretty much 'out of the box' it should look good..
keep us posted.
yeah 1:1 is running and looking good with webpages and stuff but not with the DScaler

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