Struggling with bitstreaming to q70t


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I've exhausted all ideas, hope someone can help!

I've just purchased a q70t soundbar, with the intention of using it to watch movies with my q50r HDTV. I thought I had done enough research to know my setup would support HD audio bitstreaming so I could get the most out of BluRay releases (4k hdr, Atmos, etc).

I have a windows 10 based PC, an RX570 connected to the q70t via HDMI 2.1 cable, and then another HDMI 2.1 cable from soundbar to the TV.

I'm able to bitstream DD, DD+ with or without atmos, and DTS, but not DTS HD, DTS:X or True HD audio with or without Atmos. I've tried MPC-HC, MPC-BE, lav filters, MPC filters, Kodi, Plex, nothing has successfully allowed passthrough of HD audio from my rx570 to the soundbar. I get a conversion to PCM 2.0 sent instead which from what I understand means the software doesn't believe the soundbar can accept the raw audio file to decode.

When I plug in TV to the soundbar, my q50r alerts me that I've attached a Atmos capable device. In windows the q70t shows up simply as AMD HD Audio Device, and the speaker calibration offers only stereo or Dolby Atmos Entertainment System. The later when selected just reverts back to 2.0, and if I try to force it tells me this config isn't supported.

I hope I'm missing something simple here! Since the TV recognizes the soundbar, and I'm experiencing the same issues with every player, I have to believe this is windows 10 related. I'm even thinking of dual booting Linux to run Kodi to find out...

AMD drivers are up to date.

Thanks in advance!
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I think that the bar doesn’t support the newer DTS codecs. Have you checked the specs.?


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I think that the bar doesn’t support the newer DTS codecs. Have you checked the specs.?

I tested a BluRay player and DTS-HD MA worked perfectly.

Also see moninfo and sound device manager:


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